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Hi! We are Allyson and Joelle. Welcome to our online publication featuring two millennial friends sharing their love of photos, life and overall wellbeing. We look to share our life experiences on self-care, wellbeing and provide insight on a few tough topics surrounding women’s health and just talk about things we love that helped us along the way. This is our journey to achieving a healthy self and wellbeing: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Allyson Jordan

Allyson is a millennial mom, dedicated to her daughter, wellness, and finding her way out of the 9 to 5 grind by reaching out to all of you! Sharing her passion for aesthetically pleasing photos, love of oils, herbs, and self-care.

Joelle Cowie

Joelle is a Trinidad and Tobago native but spent most of her years in Ontario Canada. She is the owner of an Ethical Jewellery line called Arlokea, which launched with their Fair Trade collection of jewelry. She seeks to live a lifestyle full of healthy and fulfilling choices and one that encourages mental, physical, and emotional growth.

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